CRUD Applications and Dashboards

CxJS is the best JavaScript framework for building administrative applications, management consoles, dashboards and other applications containing a large number of data-related UI elements such as forms, tables and charts.

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The complete toolkit forbuilding applications

CxJS is a very powerful solution for building complex user interfaces. Whether you are building back-office applications, accounting applications, ERP or CRM systems, cloud management consoles, crypto-currency dashboards or stock trading interfaces, CxJS will provide everything you need.

Made for developers

Building user interfaces should be simple, even for the web. CxJS offers the full package with form elements, form validation, advanced data-grid control, charts, navigational elements, tooltips, modal windows, overlays, powerful data-binding, state management, client-side routing, complex layouts, theming support, culture dependent formatting and more. Focus on solving the puzzle, instead of searching for pieces.

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Now Open Source

CxJS source code is available on GitHub, packages are available over NPM, examples are available at CodeSandbox. CxJS components are based on React and CxJS projects are commonly based on open source development tools such as Babel, TypeScript and webpack.

We maintain documentation, fix bugs, provide regular feature releases, and help the community on StackOverflow and Slack. Contributions are welcome.

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