Case Studies

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Compliance, portfolio management, invoicing, reporting, back-office in one integrated solution for independent asset managers.

Assetmax AG decided to upgrade user interface of their application while preserving all functionality. They needed a reliable technology that can offer UI/UX improvements to their data-intensive application. A wide spectre of CxJS features were used to address complex requirements such as printable grids with configurable grouping and columns, large dynamically-generated forms, printable charts, fully customizable reports, multiple visual themes and customer branding support.

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A suite of applications for fleet management, real-time vehicle tracking, collecting driving data, reporting and incident investigation.

Comm8 decided to do a complete rewrite of their legacy vehicle tracking software called TurboTrack. The project turned to be a big success and TurboTrack now offers a cutting-edge fleet management platform featuring a nice mobile-friendly front-end, snappy performance, and guaranteed uptime as high as 99.95%.

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