Get Started

Do you wish to learn CxJS fundamentals or quickly start a new project?

With Node.js installed on your computer, use the command line to quickly set up new CxJS projects.

npm install cx-cli --global
cx create my-app
cd my-app
npm start
yarn create cx-app my-app
cd my-app
yarn start


With the project skeleton ready, check out our vast library of examples. Forms, grids, charts, you'll find everything you need.

See Examples

Demo Apps

Demo Apps

Glimpse what can be done with CxJS and learn how to organize source code and implement layout, navigation, routing and other application-wide concepts.

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Explore widgets and configuration options. Learn how to use advanced data-binding options, set up selection models, hook controllers, apply number formatting, etc.

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Themes & Components Gallery

See how CxJS widgets look in different states and configurations. Change the appearance of all widgets by selecting the theme that best fits your project.

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