CxJS demos

CxJS Demo Apps

See how routing, application layout, server communication and other pieces come together.

CxJS Home Expenses App

Home Expenses (Beta)

This app lets you keep record of your home expenses. Pick a category for each expense and data will appear in a colorful dashboard. The source code on GitHub is accompanied with a step by step tutorial which is a great resource for beginners who wish to dive into CxJS.

CxJS Dashboard App

Dashboards (Beta)

This application allows you to build personalized dashboards using drag & drop. Dashboards consists out of widgets that are placed on the board. Widgets are very simple to implement, so we invite you to try building one.

Cx Starter Kit Application

Cx Starter

Starter Kit is a CxJS demo application which gives you a head start with ready to use boilerplate code, project structure, navigation, layout, routing and page samples. The source code is available on GitHub, and you can use it to get your new project up and running in no time.

CxJS Google Maps

CxJS Google Maps

This demo app illustrates CxJS wrapper library for react-google-maps. See examples and read documentation about numerous ways to use Google Maps with CxJS.



Create slick reports with World Bank data using charts, heatmaps, and tables. Data needed for reports is fetched directly from World Bank API endpoint. Google Firebase is used to store report definitions, authentication and hosting.

CxJS Hacker News PWA

Hacker News PWA

CxJS Hacker News is a Progressive Web App with focus on startup performance. The application is based on Preact and uses webpack plugins to enable preloading, inline CSS and JS, configure service workers and achieve other performance gains while retaining comfort of CxJS.

Cx tdo Application


Keyboard driven, hackable TODO app. Features:

  • Markdown support
  • multiple boards and multiple lists within each board
  • completed tasks automatically removed after a few days
  • custom CSS for boards or tasks
Cx Employee Directory

Employee Directory

Find employees by name or title using a full-text enabled search interface. Narrow down the search scope to an office or a department with hashtags (e.g. #hr). Edit the person information directly. If you're interested to see how this app was created, read our blog series Cx App Walkthrough Series or checkout the source code at GitHub.

Cx State of Javascript 2016 Explorer

State of JavaScript 2016 Explorer

Visualization of the results of The State of JavaScript 2016 survey by Sacha Greif using Cx. More than 9000 people participated in the survey and answered almost 90 questions related to JS itself, front-end frameworks, build tools, CSS frameworks, etc.