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2 developers
Each company can get two licenses for free. Use CxJS for a new project and see if it fits.


Free for Startups
3-8 developers
per developer
1 year of Support and Maintenance included. Required for commercial projects.
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9+ developers
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Non-Commercial Use

Cx is available for free under Creative CommonsAttribution-NonCommercial License for educational, evaluation and demonstration purposes. It's perfectly fine to use Cx for school or hobby projects, however, all public facing applications should give proper credit using the CxCredit widget.

Commercial Use

A license is required if CxJS is used for development of commercial software. Please read the CxJS Commercial License Agreement for more information.

Each company may apply for two free CxJS Commercial Licenses. Use it to build small apps and tools in your company without any worries about licensing.

Free Licenses for Startups

If you're an early stage startup with less than 10 full-time employees and yearly revenue up to $100.000, you can apply for free CxJS Startup Licenses. You'll get up to five CxJS licenses to bootstrap your project of the ground.

Assigned CxJS licenses are perpetual. However, support expires when your startup outgrows these boundaries. At that point you might want to purchase CxJS support in order to continue receiving the latest versions of CxJS. Let's build the future together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is license perpetual?
Yes, purchased licenses are perpetual.
Is support included?
Yes, if you purchase a CxJS license, you'll get one year of Maintenance and Support. This includes help with on-boarding, priority bug-fixing support and access to new releases.
Who should purchase a license?
License should be purchased by all parties that use CxJS to develop any kind of commercial software.
How many licenses should be purchased?
License should be purchased for each software developer or designer that use CxJS.
What about contractors?
Licenses should be assigned to contractors, too. Owner of the license should be a company/person who owns the software being developed.
What about new releases of CxJS?
You're entitled to all new releases of CxJS within the Maintenance and Support subscription period. Maintenance and Support subscription period is initially set to one year, however, you can purchase an extension through our online Store.
Can a license be transferred from developer to developer?
Yes. It's allowed to transfer a license from one developer to another. However, once transferred, the same license cannot be transferred again within a period of three months.
What if I change my mind regarding CxJS?
We offer full money back guarantee for three months after the initial payment date.
Why CxJS is not free, like Angular or React?
Unfortunately, we're neither Google nor Facebook. It takes thousands of hours to develop a framework of CxJS caliber, test it, provide support and new features. We need your help to continue our work and make Cx even better.